March 28, 2023

Meet Ana, our Property Advisor in Algarve!

Article by
Carolina Durão

If you dream of buying or investing in the Algarve, meet Ana, our new property advisor who will be responsible for this region in Portugal.

Your Property Advisor is growing. In the last two years, the real estate consulting company has been managed by three buyer’s agent, who achieved a transaction volume of 20 million euros last year. The growth of the company is remarkable, both in terms of clients and business. Given this scenario, the founders' ambition for 2023 was clear. This is the year of expansion!

Ana is our newest member of the team. She will help you find your dream home or investment in the Algarve region, which for many is the California of Europe. Born and raised in Portugal, Ana has had the privilege of living and working in different cultural environments, such as Australia and Singapore. As an experienced entrepreneur, Ana is passionate about using digital innovation and design thinking to create exceptional customer experiences. This gives her a unique perspective on the real estate industry!

She's known for her problem-solving mindset and her ability to negotiate effectively which helps her find creative solutions to complex challenges. Honesty and integrity are her core values in all aspects of her work, dedicated to excellence to ensure clients' goals are met and their expectations are exceeded. She's also based in the Algarve region, helping buyers and investors find the right property with her expertise and local knowledge of the market. Standing out on a very crowded market of real estate agencies, each one with their niche of properties, protecting the buyer’s interest and offering a smooth buying experience. 

The job of a property advisor requires several specific skills that aren't only related to the business itself.

One of the most important skills of a property advisor is active listening. By listening carefully to your needs and concerns and paying attention to what you want from a home, we can build trust and strong relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

Social cues are also essential. By learning to interpret your body language and tone of voice, the property advisors can better understand your emotions and reactions and tailor their approach and communication style to your individual needs, whether you’re feeling anxious, excited, or somewhere in between.

Tact is another important skill. There are times when delivering difficult news or negotiating delicate situations requires tact and diplomacy. This means being honest and transparent with our clients while showing respect and understanding for their feelings.

Finally, patience is a key skill for a property advisor. The home buying process can be lengthy and stressful, so it's important to be patient and supportive throughout the process. This means being willing to answer your questions and address your concerns, even if it means repeating information or going over details multiple times.

Ana has what it takes to be your perfect property advisor if you’re looking to move or invest in the south of the country. Book a meeting with her to learn about your possibilities in the region!

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