January 17, 2022

Housing for Technology Influencers

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Your Property Advisor featured on the Finnish journal Helsingin Sanomat about housing for Technology Influencers.

A couple of weeks ago, Senja Larsen, a Finnish journalist, contacted us to talk about techies moving to Portugal.

Recently, we were proudly featured in the article of Helsingin Sanomat, and we are sharing it with you today:

Gonçalo Roxo and Carolina Durão are looking for housing for technology influencers moving to Portugal.

"For one of the company’s founders, not even the finest apartment in Lisbon was enough. It costs 7 million euros."

When looking for an apartment, many technology influencers turn to Carolina Durão and Gonçalo Roxo of Your Property Advisor, which was founded two years ago. Real estate agents are usually told about a budget that is between one million and three million.

"Quality of life guides choices", Durão says.

Most want a house about an hour drive from Lisbon. There is a surf beach or a mountain with a yoga retreat nearby. In addition, a small townhouse may be purchased in Lisbon.

Durão's and Roxo's customers also include Mika Salmi, who left Silicon Valley more than a year ago and is a partner of Lakestar, one of Europe's largest private equity investors. His family now divides his time between Switzerland and Portugal.

Salmi acquired a house in Ericeira, known as the surfing capital.

“Surfing is a favorite hobby of our whole family", says Salmi. More mundane reasons also influenced the choice of location. There are seven daily flights from Zurich to Lisbon, and Ericeira is half an hour from the airport.

“My wife doesn’t have an EU passport, so buying property in Portugal provided a good route to it”, Salmi adds.

Venture capitalist Mika Salmi compares Portugal to Spain, where he previously lived. Portugal is more organized, he estimates.

Lakestar has invested in five companies with headquarters or technical team in Lisbon or Porto.

"Portugal is a hot spot for a technology company", says Salmi.

The most positive surprise has been the organization of the country.

"We lived in Barcelona ten years ago, where everyday life and bureaucracy were much more chaotic".

To read the full Finnish article click here here.

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