February 27, 2023

How YPA Helped a German Client

Article by
Carolina Durão

Learn how Your Property Advisor helped a German client overcome communication barriers and close the deal on his dream home in Portugal.

Sometimes, the challenge in finding your dream home lies not in the selection process, but in sealing the deal.

In 2021, Your Property Advisor had the pleasure of assisting a German client who had already discovered his dream villa in Sesimbra. This property was the perfect spot for weekend getaways and spending quality time in nature and by the sea, as it offered stunning views of the blue Atlantic Ocean. However, the client encountered a problem when he failed to reach an agreement with the real estate agent responsible for selling the property, despite his willingness to pay the asking price of 1.8 million euros.

One of the investors working with YPA, who were managing an investment fund for the purchase of a 5M€ real estate portfolio, brought this issue to their attention. Without hesitation, Your Property Advisor stepped in to mediate and ultimately solve the problem.

Purchasing a house in a foreign country can be challenging due to the differences in language and bureaucracy. The founders of Your Property Advisor recognized the lack of assistance for foreign buyers in this process, and thus, one of their goals is to simplify the process for clients by providing excellent consulting and assistance services from property search to the signing of the purchase contract.

In this particular case, the property advisors identified communication difficulties during the negotiation process as the problem, which they promptly resolved. It took only one month from the time the property advisors began working on the case to the signing of the contract.

The key to this success was trust in interpersonal relationships. The property advisors analyzed the needs of both parties, the client and the agent, to find common ground. Establishing trust-based relationships requires empathetic communication, which the property advisors are experts at. Once the needs were understood, a strategy was quickly formulated and executed. The secret was to offer more attractive payment conditions to the seller if they agreed to close the deal as soon as possible. This approach resulted in both parties reaching a satisfactory agreement.

Thanks to the local expertise, mediation, and negotiation skills of the property advisors, the client was able to purchase his dream home for 1.7 million euros, which was 100.000 euros lower than his original offer.

Your Property Advisor guarantees its clients quick and effective solutions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the best that Portugal has to offer.

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