July 27, 2023

Madeira: the ideal destination for digital nomads

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Carolina Durão

The world's first Digital Nomad Village, Ponta do Sol, attracts nomads with breathtaking landscapes, a vibrant community, and various events. YPA can assist in finding your perfect home on the island.

The island of Madeira is becoming increasingly popular among digital nomads, who come to this sunny island by the sea from all parts of the world.

It's no wonder Madeira is on the top 10 Nomad list, as this idyllic destination combines unique and highly appreciated conditions for digital nomads, such as safety, good infrastructure, fast internet, and free places to work. The mild climate, the gastronomy with a variety of delicacies and the extremely hospitable locals complete this range of good reasons to live and work on Madeira Island.

A Digital Nomad Village? Yes it does exist, and it was built in the picturesque village of Ponta do Sol, making Madeira the location of the world's first village of its kind.

Ponta do Sol in Madeira was the first Digital Nomad Village in the world. Gonçalo Hall, who was responsible for the pioneering project, transformed this area of Madeira into a dream destination for digital nomads, with several free workspaces, a diverse events program, and access to a well-established community overlooking this picturesque village that combines history, gastronomy, culture, and a sense of community.

Ponta do Sol is one of the places in Madeira where there is a larger community of Digital Nomads and where “the sun shines for more hours”. Located on the south coast of Madeira Island, Ponta do Sol is the seat of the municipality and has about 8,200 inhabitants. It is considered the warmest council on the island and offers a village for those who want to work freely in a quiet place with breathtaking landscapes.

The project was designed for digital nomads who travel the world with their computers on their backs, have no house or car, and stay in each place for about three months, then move on to another place where they can work and enjoy life. The Digital Nomad Village project in Madeira was born from the idea that digital nomadism can be used to create villages. Since digital nomads can work from anywhere in the world, they can now escape the big cities - where the quality of life is lower - and settle in places like Madeira: with a better quality of life and unique places to discover. Moreover, in such a structured community, nomads can take advantage of the opportunity to build relationships with others, make friends and explore new ideas.

Madeira does not stop at Ponta do Sol, and there are several places that have also been visited by digital nomads, such as the island of Porto Santo. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, Madeira offers a wide range of options for those looking for an idyllic place to live and work, even temporarily.

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