August 16, 2021

Why having a Property Advisor in Portugal?

Article by
Carolina Durão

House hunting can be a painful process. But it doesn’t have to be: we can help you every step of the way.

House hunting can be a painful process. But it doesn’t have to be!

We can help you every step of the way. Your Property Advisor can help you...


House hunting in an unknown market by yourself can feel like being thrown at the deep end and often results in lost time and money.

Online portals offer too many choices, lack important details and you have to deal with many different real estate agents showing you overlapping listings.

What was once a dream turns into a nightmare.

The good news is, Your Property Advisor can help you fulfil this dream in the easiest way possible!

·     We act as a single point of contact so that you do not need to deal with several real estate agents or property owners

·     We help you determine the exact type of property you are looking for

·     We help you get a solid grasp of the areas that are most suitable for you

·     We help you get a truthful picture of the market

·     We go through the listings with you so that you never feel at sea: we research the entire market and provide you with all the relevant and trusted information and analyse it together with you.


Buying property is an important decision. Why go solo hunting when you can have the ideal companion by your side who knows the territory and will make you feel secure and well informed?


Selecting the right listings to view implies having a good knowledge of your aspirations and needs and understanding how they translate into local reality based on what is available on offer.

·     We take your preferences seriously and we strive to help you translate your criteria into local reality

·     We help you rule out what does not correspond to your criteria

·     We make sure all your doubts and questions are answered

·     We can view properties on your behalf first in order to create the best selection for you to view in person so none of your time is wasted


Planning the visits to the selected properties can involve a lot of back and forth as you are dealing with multiples agencies. In addition, the visiting itself is actually more difficult than it sounds. It can be hard to keep an objective mindset when the estate agents are sweet talking to you. Having the right companion by your side will help you keep your feet on the ground.

·     We create a custom viewing schedule according to your availability and within your time constraints, sparing you the hassle of contacting multiple agencies to come up with a schedule

·     We view the properties with you and act as your expert and second pair of eyes: it is our job to act as inspectors, to find the faults you might not be seeing and to raise all the relevant questions that can help your case when negotiating the price later on – we are your side 


Real estate agents and homeowners have an interest to big up the property because they want, of course, to make a sale at the highest price. But who is protecting you as a buyer? How can you rely on these stakeholders’ information? You might find yourself in a situation where you do not know what or who you can trust. Our mission is to act in your interest and protect you as a buyer.

·     Thanks to our local expertise, we help you find out all the relevant and non-biased, information that you can trust and we defend your interests at all times in that process

·     We help you negotiate so that you buy at the best possible price and with the best possible conditions

You only have to focus on what you want. We cut through the noise for you and present results in full transparency.


How it works?

A service exclusively focused on your needs

Our many years of professional experience made us realize that the real estate market in Portugal is designed to benefit both agencies and sellers; buyers and investors are the ones left out – and we want to change this for you.

 We believe that an important decision such as an investment in a property has to be free of conflicts of interest and biased inputs.This is why we designed Your Property Advisor to act as an independent entity.

 We do not possess a real estate portfolio – this sets us free to act solely in your interest. Our interest is your interest!


Based on an exclusivity agreement at a very accessible fee.

To hire Your Property Advisor, it’s very simple: you just need to enter into a short-period exclusivity agreement at a very accessible fee and we take care of the rest.

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