November 13, 2023

South Africa to Lisbon: A Couple's Success Story

Article by
Rita Xara-Brasil

South African couple enchanted by Portugal during their Cascais visit, partnered with YPA for a smooth 2021 relocation. They successfully invested in Alfama, Graça, and Saldanha securing 8.5% yields.

Enchanting Beginnings in Cascais

In 2019, Mr. and Mrs. H., an endearing South African couple, fell for Portugal's charm during their visit to the sun-kissed village of Cascais. With the aid of Your Property Advisor, their 2021 transition to Portugal was seamless and swift.

Business Vision Meets Opportunity in Portugal

Mr. H., an astute businessman, swiftly recognized Portugal's allure for investment, particularly in real estate. Finding an ideal partner in Your Property Advisor, their two-year relationship has thrived, focusing on securing the best investment opportunities.

Navigating Lucrative Ventures

Rita Xara-Brasil, the property advisor instrumental in these successes, explains, "In real estate, residential ventures offer long-term value and appreciation, while commercial ventures yield higher annual returns. Our expertise secures returns exceeding 8.5%."

Investment Triumphs and Ongoing Success

Mr. H. has already partnered three times with Your Property Advisor, starting with a former hairdressing salon in Alfama, one of Lisbon's oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods. Their meticulous market research ensured an impressive 9.5% return on this investment.

Encouraged by this triumph, Mr. H. continued to collaborate with Your Property Advisor, expanding into thriving neighborhoods like Graça, known for its stunning city views, and Saldanha, Lisbon's vibrant 'business' district.

Today, Your Property Advisor remains Mr. H.'s trusted ally for lucrative investments in Portugal, cementing their ongoing success story.

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