May 31, 2022

Where to Live in Cascais?

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Rita Xara-Brasil

Cascais has a lot of nice neighborhoods to live in, each of them with a special something. Our Property Advisor Rita describes how it feels to live in some of this areas.

I firmly believe that you only need one minute to fall in love with Cascais.

A village which is half surrounded by sea and the other half by the Sintra Mountain range. Filled with culture, great restaurants, lots of green spaces, amazing sightseeing spots, home of several golf courses, amazing beaches for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, several bike lanes, and, of course, let’s not forget about the beautiful houses. 

Cascais has a lot of nice neighborhoods to live in, each of them with a special something. 

Let's start with...

Historic City Center

Sited in Cascais Bay, and as the name suggests it is filled with historic buildings and townhouses, with a lot of amenities and movement nearby. You can basically stroll around the center and find anything you need, since nice shops, restaurants, and pharmacies are all in a close range. So, if you are more of a person who likes to live where it all happens you should definitely consider living here! The price per square meter here goes around 6.000€. 

Bairro Rosário

A little higher from the Historic City Center we can find Bairro do Rosário. A peaceful residential neighborhood with a mix of modern buildings and some villas, with schools, supermarkets and all kinds of neighborhood amenities, indeed a great place to start a family. Around 15 minutes walk from the Center, most of the buildings have big rooms, some sea views and a lot of light. The price per square meter here goes around 5.200€ for a 3 bedroom house.


More on the interior we also have a good residential area filled with villas which is also the home of some international Schools, Saint James Primary School, and Saint George’s School. Cobre is a quieter area, close to main accesses (such as the highway to Lisbon and to Sintra) and with a 10 minutes drive you can go to the Historic Center, to the beach and to the shopping mall. It is also a great place for families. The price per square meter here goes around 4000€ for a 3 bedroom house.


However, if you would prefer to live in a more premium residential area, Birre is the place for you. Sited in the Natural Park of Sintra Cascais, next to surfing beaches on the west coast, has spacious villas with great areas and gardens, and if you rather live in an apartment there are also multiple condominiums. The price per square meter here goes around 6000€ for a 3 bedroom house.

Quinta da Marinha

You can also find a renowned residential resort named Quinta da Marinha, where our star football player – Cristiano Ronaldo – has an amazing villa. This is the most exclusive area to live in Cascais.  A private resort in a more secluded area where you will see a lovely mix between traditional and modern houses, all of them stunningly designed. It also has a Premium Health Club, a beautiful Golf Course and Horse Riding School. The price per square meter here goes around 8000€ for a 3 bedroom house.


Known as a major international luxury tourist destination and for its beautiful hotels, beaches and the Casino, Estoril was also the haven for a lot of Monarchs during World War II and a second home for the Kings of Spain.  

Considered the Portuguese Cote d’Azur, you will find charming houses with a garden surrounded by trees with an amazing seaview. The price per square meter here goes around 8200€ for a 3 bedroom house.

If you are interested in finding the perfect place for you in Cascais, talk to us.

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