January 29, 2024

3 Years Redefining Luxury Real Estate

Article by
Gonçalo Roxo

YPA, Portugal's first and only buyer's agent, has made waves in the real estate market. Dedicated to safeguarding buyers' interests, YPA has seamlessly facilitated 66 deals saving clients over 4M€.

Three years ago, Carolina Durão and Gonçalo Roxo took a bold step, introducing Portugal's first and only buyer's agent, Your Property Advisor (YPA), dedicated to safeguarding buyers' interests without maintaining a property portfolio. Since then, YPA has seamlessly facilitated the sale of 66 deals, resulting in an impressive cumulative savings of more than four million euros for its clientele by expertly guiding buyers through the search and purchase processes.

Drawing from their extensive experience in the real estate market, YPA's founders identified a crucial gap: while agencies and sellers often forged robust partnerships to secure the best deals, buyers frequently found themselves sidelined in the equation.

“We recognized a pressing need in the market for an advocate solely focused on the genuine needs of buyers, ensuring their protection at every step of the property search and purchase journey," explains Carolina Durão. "Remaining true to our mission, we deliberately abstain from maintaining a property portfolio. This approach grants us the freedom to scout all available properties across Portugal, offering a distinct advantage to our buyers", she concludes.

YPA’s core business lies in fulfilling the unique desires of buyers, locating properties that align with specific typologies, desired locations, and essential characteristics while securing the most favourable prices. 

The substantial results achieved by YPA underscore the market's need for a dedicated advocate for buyers' interests.

In just three years of activity, YPA has facilitated transactions totalling approximately 45 million euros, consistently securing an average negotiation discount of 12% for its predominantly international clientele. This diverse clientele includes foreign investors, IT entrepreneurs, and an increasing number of second and holiday-home buyers. 

"As we reflect on 2023, it stands out as a pivotal year for YPA," says Gonçalo. "It marked our expansion to better serve our clients. While our services cover all regions of Portugal, we've bolstered our team to focus more intensely on sought-after areas such as Lisbon, Cascais, Sesimbra, Troia & Melides, Madeira, and The Algarve, which saw our significant expansion this year."

As YPA commemorates its remarkable three-year journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone. Whether you're seeking your dream luxury property or exploring investment opportunities, YPA remains steadfast in offering tailored solutions that prioritize your needs. Contact us today to discover how our dedicated team can assist you in your real estate endeavours!

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